CJ Bioscience provides solutions to all areas of microbiological research, including biomedicine, institutional R&D,
and genetic sequencing. With our unique combination of biology and information technology

Live Biotherapeutic Products Drug development through microbiome therapeutic strains
Cloud solution for bacterial identification using 16S and genome sequences
We are providing Reference Databases for bacterial taxonomy, 16S marker gene and bacterial genomes

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Core IP & Business Area

EzBioCloud Cloud Solution
Free & paid service for bacterial identification & microbiome
TrueBac ID
World‘s first genome-based bacterial identification system
Microbiome diagnostics
Microbiome diagnostics service for hospitals
Microbiome Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) & Healthcare
Helping healthy or diseased individuals for better life
Live bacterial therapeutics
Developing therapeutics for microbiome-related diseases

Live Biotherapeutic

Drug development through microbiome


CJ Bioscience's public microbial database and
bioinformatics tools for academics

TrueBac™ ID

A cloud system that incorporates the
"gold standard"

Live Biotherapeutic Products

Microbiome-based therapeutics are a new form of biopharmaceutical that are attracting attention as prospective remedies for untreatable diseases. Microbiome therapeutics include indirect methods that promote the growth and activity of specific microorganisms in the body, and direct methods that increase or decrease the number of specific microorganisms. These microbiome treatments include Fecal Microbiota Transplantation from healthy individuals (FMT) and ingestion of beneficial microorganisms. Typically, microbiome treatments utilize a combination of several strains (consortium) or a single strain. The FDA has defined microbiome treatments as Live Biotherapy Products (LBPs), living biological agents that display efficacy in treatment or alleviation of diseases.
Ez-Mx™ Platform
CJ Bioscience is discovering and developing treatments for various diseases with our Ez-Mx™ Platform. We have obtained preclinical data on new strains that show an inhibitory effect on tumor formation against liver and colorectal cancer. In addition to immuno-oncology, we are developing therapeutics for major microbiome-related diseases (Gastrointestinal Disorders(IBD), liver diseases, neurological diseases, etc.) that are difficult to treat with conventional methods.


CJ Bioscience public microbial database and bioinformatics tools for academics

EzBioCloud is CJ Bioscience prokaryotic database and analytics portal designed to answer questions in taxonomy, ecology, genomics, metagenomics, and microbiomes. In addition, EzBioCloud includes a host of bioinformatics tools which assist users perform a wide range of tasks from identifying genetic contaminants to aligning DNA sequences.
EzBioCloud currently has over 22,000 users in 50 different countries and has enjoyed a variety of uses from academia, non-profit organizations, medical communities, government agencies, and global companies.
At CJ Bioscience, we strive to set the global standard for genomic analysis and microbiology classification with our proprietary 16S prokaryotic identification algorithm and world-renowned database.

  • Researchers and students engaged in prokaryotic taxonomy and microbiome classification.
  • Clinicians and doctors treating pathogenic prokaryotes.
  • Lab technicians working with pathogenic microbes.
  • Anyone interested in exploring the world of microbiomes.

TrueBac™ ID

A cloud system that incorporates the “gold standard” of bacterial identification by using whole genome sequences.

World’s first genome-based diagnostic system that can identify >10,000 species with unprecedented accuracy. A clinical evaluation study has shown that TrueBacTM ID identified 94% (34/36) of clinical isolates that were not identified by MALDI-TOF systems (Ha et al. 2019).

  • Institutions that sequence bacterial genomes regularly.
  • Companies that produce probiotics products where quality control of their bacterial strains are essential.
  • Medical facilities that investigate pathogens.
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